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    1. Peng JY, Shin DL, Li G, Wu NH, Herrler G. Time-dependent viral interference between influenza virus and coronavirus in the infection of differentiated porcine airway epithelial cells. Virulence. 2021 12; 12(1):1111-1121. PMID: 34034617.
      Citations: 2     Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
    2. Peng JY, Punyadarsaniya D, Shin DL, Pavasutthipaisit S, Beineke A, Li G, Wu NH, Herrler G. The Cell Tropism of Porcine Respiratory Coronavirus for Airway Epithelial Cells Is Determined by the Expression of Porcine Aminopeptidase N. Viruses. 2020 10 23; 12(11). PMID: 33114247.
      Citations: 2     Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
    3. Hoffmann M, Kleine-Weber H, Schroeder S, Krüger N, Herrler T, Erichsen S, Schiergens TS, Herrler G, Wu NH, Nitsche A, Müller MA, Drosten C, Pöhlmann S. SARS-CoV-2 Cell Entry Depends on ACE2 and TMPRSS2 and Is Blocked by a Clinically Proven Protease Inhibitor. Cell. 2020 04 16; 181(2):271-280.e8. PMID: 32142651.
      Citations: 5763     Fields:    Translation:HumansAnimalsCellsPHPublic Health
    4. Cao L, Ge X, Gao Y, Herrler G, Ren Y, Ren X, Li G. Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus inhibits dsRNA-induced interferon-ß production in porcine intestinal epithelial cells by blockade of the RIG-I-mediated pathway. Virol J. 2015 Aug 18; 12:127. PMID: 26283628.
      Citations: 25     Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
    5. Cong Y, Li X, Bai Y, Lv X, Herrler G, Enjuanes L, Zhou X, Qu B, Meng F, Cong C, Ren X, Li G. Porcine aminopeptidase N mediated polarized infection by porcine epidemic diarrhea virus in target cells. Virology. 2015 Apr; 478:1-8. PMID: 25681796.
      Citations: 12     Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
    6. Punyadarsaniya D, Winter C, Mork AK, Amiri M, Naim HY, Rautenschlein S, Herrler G. Precision-cut intestinal slices as a culture system to analyze the infection of differentiated intestinal epithelial cells by avian influenza viruses. J Virol Methods. 2015 Feb; 212:71-5. PMID: 25445801.
      Citations: 6     Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
    7. Mork AK, Hesse M, Abd El Rahman S, Rautenschlein S, Herrler G, Winter C. Differences in the tissue tropism to chicken oviduct epithelial cells between avian coronavirus IBV strains QX and B1648 are not related to the sialic acid binding properties of their spike proteins. Vet Res. 2014 Jun 14; 45:67. PMID: 24928425.
      Citations: 9     Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
    8. Paul A, Trincone A, Siewert S, Herrler G, Schwegmann-Weßels C. A lysine-methionine exchange in a coronavirus surface protein transforms a retention motif into an endocytosis signal. Biol Chem. 2014 Jun; 395(6):657-65. PMID: 24603841.
      Citations: 2     Fields:    Translation:Cells
    9. Winter C, Herrler G. [Bats, viruses and humans: coronaviruses on the rise?]. Berl Munch Tierarztl Wochenschr. 2013 Nov-Dec; 126(11-12):509-13. PMID: 24511826.
      Citations: 1     Fields:    Translation:HumansAnimalsCells
    10. Hoffmann M, Müller MA, Drexler JF, Glende J, Erdt M, Gützkow T, Losemann C, Binger T, Deng H, Schwegmann-Weßels C, Esser KH, Drosten C, Herrler G. Differential sensitivity of bat cells to infection by enveloped RNA viruses: coronaviruses, paramyxoviruses, filoviruses, and influenza viruses. PLoS One. 2013; 8(8):e72942. PMID: 24023659.
      Citations: 50     Fields:    Translation:HumansAnimalsCells
    11. Shahwan K, Hesse M, Mork AK, Herrler G, Winter C. Sialic acid binding properties of soluble coronavirus spike (S1) proteins: differences between infectious bronchitis virus and transmissible gastroenteritis virus. Viruses. 2013 Jul 26; 5(8):1924-33. PMID: 23896748.
      Citations: 15     Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
    12. Corman VM, Rasche A, Diallo TD, Cottontail VM, Stöcker A, Souza BFCD, Corrêa JI, Carneiro AJB, Franke CR, Nagy M, Metz M, Knörnschild M, Kalko EKV, Ghanem SJ, Morales KDS, Salsamendi E, Spínola M, Herrler G, Voigt CC, Tschapka M, Drosten C, Drexler JF. Highly diversified coronaviruses in neotropical bats. J Gen Virol. 2013 Sep; 94(Pt 9):1984-1994. PMID: 23761408.
      Citations: 24     Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
    13. Wang C, Sun X, Suo S, Ren Y, Li X, Herrler G, Thiel V, Ren X. Phages bearing affinity peptides to severe acute respiratory syndromes-associated coronavirus differentiate this virus from other viruses. J Clin Virol. 2013 Aug; 57(4):305-10. PMID: 23664850.
      Citations: 3     Fields:    Translation:HumansAnimalsCells
    14. Meng F, Ren Y, Suo S, Sun X, Li X, Li P, Yang W, Li G, Li L, Schwegmann-Wessels C, Herrler G, Ren X. Evaluation on the efficacy and immunogenicity of recombinant DNA plasmids expressing spike genes from porcine transmissible gastroenteritis virus and porcine epidemic diarrhea virus. PLoS One. 2013; 8(3):e57468. PMID: 23526943.
      Citations: 23     Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
    15. Pfefferle S, Schöpf J, Kögl M, Friedel CC, Müller MA, Carbajo-Lozoya J, Stellberger T, von Dall'Armi E, Herzog P, Kallies S, Niemeyer D, Ditt V, Kuri T, Züst R, Pumpor K, Hilgenfeld R, Schwarz F, Zimmer R, Steffen I, Weber F, Thiel V, Herrler G, Thiel HJ, Schwegmann-Wessels C, Pöhlmann S, Haas J, Drosten C, von Brunn A. The SARS-coronavirus-host interactome: identification of cyclophilins as target for pan-coronavirus inhibitors. PLoS Pathog. 2011 Oct; 7(10):e1002331. PMID: 22046132.
      Citations: 196     Fields:    Translation:HumansAnimalsCells
    16. Schwegmann-Wessels C, Bauer S, Winter C, Enjuanes L, Laude H, Herrler G. The sialic acid binding activity of the S protein facilitates infection by porcine transmissible gastroenteritis coronavirus. Virol J. 2011 Sep 12; 8:435. PMID: 21910859.
      Citations: 16     Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
    17. Ren X, Meng F, Yin J, Li G, Li X, Wang C, Herrler G. Action mechanisms of lithium chloride on cell infection by transmissible gastroenteritis coronavirus. PLoS One. 2011 May 06; 6(5):e18669. PMID: 21573100.
      Citations: 22     Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
    18. Yin J, Glende J, Schwegmann-Wessels C, Enjuanes L, Herrler G, Ren X. Cholesterol is important for a post-adsorption step in the entry process of transmissible gastroenteritis virus. Antiviral Res. 2010 Dec; 88(3):311-6. PMID: 20951168.
      Citations: 10     Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
    19. Drexler JF, Gloza-Rausch F, Glende J, Corman VM, Muth D, Goettsche M, Seebens A, Niedrig M, Pfefferle S, Yordanov S, Zhelyazkov L, Hermanns U, Vallo P, Lukashev A, Müller MA, Deng H, Herrler G, Drosten C. Genomic characterization of severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus in European bats and classification of coronaviruses based on partial RNA-dependent RNA polymerase gene sequences. J Virol. 2010 Nov; 84(21):11336-49. PMID: 20686038.
      Citations: 150     Fields:    Translation:HumansAnimalsCells
    20. Abd El Rahman S, Winter C, El-Kenawy A, Neumann U, Herrler G. Differential sensitivity of well-differentiated avian respiratory epithelial cells to infection by different strains of infectious bronchitis virus. J Virol. 2010 Sep; 84(17):8949-52. PMID: 20538853.
      Citations: 16     Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
    21. Schwegmann-Weßels C, Glende J, Ren X, Qu X, Deng H, Enjuanes L, Herrler G. Comparison of vesicular stomatitis virus pseudotyped with the S proteins from a porcine and a human coronavirus. J Gen Virol. 2009 Jul; 90(Pt 7):1724-1729. PMID: 19264610.
      Citations: 17     Fields:    Translation:HumansAnimalsCells
    22. Abd El Rahman S, El-Kenawy AA, Neumann U, Herrler G, Winter C. Comparative analysis of the sialic acid binding activity and the tropism for the respiratory epithelium of four different strains of avian infectious bronchitis virus. Avian Pathol. 2009 Feb; 38(1):41-5. PMID: 19156578.
      Citations: 19     Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
    23. Glende J, Schwegmann-Wessels C, Al-Falah M, Pfefferle S, Qu X, Deng H, Drosten C, Naim HY, Herrler G. Importance of cholesterol-rich membrane microdomains in the interaction of the S protein of SARS-coronavirus with the cellular receptor angiotensin-converting enzyme 2. Virology. 2008 Nov 25; 381(2):215-21. PMID: 18814896.
      Citations: 63     Fields:    Translation:HumansAnimalsCells
    24. Ren X, Glende J, Yin J, Schwegmann-Wessels C, Herrler G. Importance of cholesterol for infection of cells by transmissible gastroenteritis virus. Virus Res. 2008 Nov; 137(2):220-4. PMID: 18727942.
      Citations: 32     Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
    25. Schwegmann-Wessels C, Herrler G. Identification of sugar residues involved in the binding of TGEV to porcine brush border membranes. Methods Mol Biol. 2008; 454:319-29. PMID: 19057868.
      Citations: 1     Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
    26. Winter C, Herrler G, Neumann U. Infection of the tracheal epithelium by infectious bronchitis virus is sialic acid dependent. Microbes Infect. 2008 Apr; 10(4):367-73. PMID: 18396435.
      Citations: 31     Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
    27. Winter C, Schwegmann-Wessels C, Neumann U, Herrler G. The spike protein of infectious bronchitis virus is retained intracellularly by a tyrosine motif. J Virol. 2008 Mar; 82(6):2765-71. PMID: 18094153.
      Citations: 15     Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
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      Citations: 66     Fields:    Translation:HumansAnimalsCells
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      Citations: 55     Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
    30. Schwegmann-Wessels C, Herrler G. Transmissible gastroenteritis virus infection: a vanishing specter. Dtsch Tierarztl Wochenschr. 2006 Apr; 113(4):157-9. PMID: 16716052.
      Citations: 15     Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
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      Citations: 82     Fields:    Translation:HumansAnimalsCells
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      Citations: 3     Fields:    Translation:Cells
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      Citations: 26     Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
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      Citations: 30     Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
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      Citations: 25     Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
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      Citations: 5     Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
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      Citations:    Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
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      Citations: 13     Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
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      Citations: 35     Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
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      Citations: 4     Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
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      Citations: 2     Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
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      Citations: 78     Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
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      Citations: 8     Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
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      Citations: 64     Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
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      Citations: 9     Fields:    Translation:HumansAnimalsCells
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      Citations: 8     Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
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      Citations: 33     Fields:    Translation:HumansAnimalsCells
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      Citations:    Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
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      Citations: 5     Fields:    Translation:Cells
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      Citations: 52     Fields:    Translation:HumansAnimalsCells
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      Citations: 3     Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
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      Citations: 5     Fields:    Translation:Cells
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      Citations: 26     Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
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      Citations: 41     Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
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      Citations: 85     Fields:    Translation:HumansAnimalsCells
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      Citations: 10     Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
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      Citations: 6     Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
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      Citations: 12     Fields:    Translation:HumansCells
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      Citations: 45     Fields:    Translation:AnimalsCells
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      Citations: 17     Fields:    Translation:HumansAnimalsCells
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      Citations: 2     Fields:    Translation:Cells